If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase you may return it in its original condition, with the original receipt within 4 days of receiving the package. To cancel or change an order you must contact within 12 hours of placing the order.
For any problems or concerns with the merchandise, notice must be given to within 2 days of receiving.  All customers should receive tracking details upon dispatch and are expected to monitor tracking progress for any delivery exceptions. Orders usually take up to 3-8 weeks to be received.


If buying through the custom tapestry selection, know that you are not buying a tapestry, you are selecting the print the garment will be made into. Tapestries usually take 1-2 weeks for us to receive them. 2 weeks for construction and shipping. Additionally another 2-4 weeks for the postage. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your package is out in transit. Time to revive a custom can range anywhere from 3-8 weeks.